It’s exactly two weeks until the ADUG Autumn Symposium, first in Melbourne and then Brisbane. This year our international guest is Nick Hodges. Nick will be presenting two sessions, one on Dependency Injection and the other on how to implement the “Gang of Four” design patterns in Delphi.

Nick will be joined by Geoff Harris of NexusDB who will speak on how and when to use computer simulations within your Delphi applications and Damien Bootsma of Embarcadero who will be speaking about how to use JSON and OAuth to connect to REST APIs from Delphi applications.

Registrations will close a few a few days before the first event so don’t delay. The event is open to both ADUG members and non-members.

Members of ADUG can register with some very significant discounts by first logging into the ADUG website and then clicking on “Member Events”.

Non Members can register by clicking here.

Here’s a tip for non-members. Keep an eye out for the “Register for the Symposium AND JOIN ADUG option”. It costs exactly the same amount but means you’ll pay less for the symposium in future years.