So I live G+ed my way through the whole Sydney ADUG event. Quite tiring really, trying to focus on what was being said and simultaneously summarise it for 4 hours.

Here’s a few of my highs and lows of the morning. Take all of this with a grain of salt though. It was a whirlwind morning and it’s highly likely I’ve misunderstood or mispresented at least one or two things.

The Good

The Bad

The Missing

These are just the highlights that spring to mind right now, tomorrow if they haven’t already been covered elsewhere I’ll go back to my G+ posts and find some more for you.

8 Responses

  1. That’s a really bad release, as usual Embarcadero late and promising what they never deliver

  2. Thank you! Win8 support, FM2 supporting sensors/services API, upcoming/delayed mobile studio with native-looking controls and Visual Live Binding sound very promising. Do one tool chain and framework still make sense for mobile and Win/Mac?

    1. I’m tired of waiting for this to come, so I’m writing my own… IMO Delphi cannot compete with other development environments unless it have proper ORM framework. Sadly Embarcadero does nothing to change this.