Using tortoise svn 1.7 and Delphi XE2

Just a heads up for anyone using tortoise svn 1.7 and Delphi XE2.

It is extremely rare that I’ve needed to use svn via the command line, but in trying it today I received a spurious error:

"svn: '.' is not a working copy"

Turns out the command line version of svn is V1.6 found in C:Program FilesCollabNet. This is installed with XE courtesy of a setup packaged by A little while ago I upgraded my tortoisesvn to 1.7 which employs a different local cache structure. The cryptic error is a result of this incompatibility.

To resolve this I upgraded svn from (after jumping through the registration hoops just for the free download). I could probably have found it from or somewhere but didn’t want to mess with my environment path, etc. It might well be available from Embarcadero, but couldn’t find it with a quick check.

If you’re still on tortoisesvn 1.6, be aware of this gotcha when upgrading to 1.7.

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