It may be handy to create a “shortcut” to start the paserver application without typing the password. I forgot the password I used at OS X profile a few times and this solution solved my problem. To do this simple task I used Apple Script.


  1. Start the AppleScript program located at Applications -> Utilities folder.
  2. Paste the script below adjusting the directory to the paserver application.
  3. Test just pressing the button Run.
  4. Save it as an application:
    • Menu: File -> Save As…
    • Select File Format = Application
    • Select an adequate file name
  5. Locate the application you just created via Finder and drag it to your Dock
tell application "Terminal"
	do script with command "cd /Users/myuser/Applications/Embarcadero/PAServer; ./paserver -password=ADUG"
end tell

One suggestion is to save a copy of this file using the format Script just in case you deleted your profile and don’t remember the password, or you simply want to change the password or changed the paserver directory and you can’t remember the script.

Just remember that you are running an apple script application to open the terminal and execute the paserver application with parameters, because when you click at your new application, it will open a terminal window and this will be marked in your Dock as running and not the application you create (See Figure 1).

Figure 1. PAServer application

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