Perth Meetings – 2013


Delphi XE5 launch – Damien Bootsma

Embarcadeo Delphi XE5 launch event focused on Android and iOS support


Delphi IDE features – Lachlan Gemmel

A look at a huge number of IDE features. Many of them are not well known and a few hidden features.… Continue reading ›

Sydney Meeting – July 2013

July 2013

Five Eyed Hand: A trip through the sourcecode of a real Delphi XE4 iOS app – Malcolm Groves

There are lots of samples that ship with Delphi XE4, and they’re great for showing how to do one particular thing.… Continue reading ›

Brisbane Meeting – June 2013

Thursday 06 June 2013

Mobile in RAD Studio XE4 – Damien Bootsma

Damien Bootsma from Embarcadero will give a talk on the night about Mobile in RAD Studio XE4!
He will be building on last month’s introduction to mobile in XE4 presentation, and go into more technical depth in various parts of the product.… Continue reading ›

Brisbane Meeting – May 2013

Monday 06 May 2013

Mobile in RAD Studio XE4 – Glenn Stephens

Glenn Stephens will give a talk on the night about Mobile in Rad Studio XE4:
He will be going through the mobile aspects of Rad Studio XE4 demonstrating
how to work to build mobile applications in the platform, looking at some of
the common patterns for mobile development and how they can be applied in
the mobile space.… Continue reading ›