Perth Meetings – 2013


Delphi XE5 launch – Damien Bootsma

Embarcadeo Delphi XE5 launch event focused on Android and iOS support


Delphi IDE features – Lachlan Gemmel

A look at a huge number of IDE features. Many of them are not well known and a few hidden features.… Continue reading ›

Sydney Meeting – September 2012

September 2012

Delving deeper into XE3 – Damien Bootsma

Damien is going to pick up where he left off at the recent Sydney XE3 World Tour event and delve deeper into

* Differences between FMX1 and FMX2
* Layouts in FMX
* Actions in FMX
* Media Support in FMX
* MetropolisUI in FMX
* LiveBindings and TProtoTypeBindSource

And of course there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions of Damien on these and other topics.… Continue reading ›