Sydney Meeting – April 2012

April 2012

Using Delphi XE2 to develop for the iPhone & iPad – Glenn Stephens

This month we take a closer look into iPhone & iPad development with Delphi XE2. Glenn has implemented 4 native iPhone apps so far and wants to shar some of his experiences with us.… Continue reading ›

A VCL to FireMonkey Convertor

I have been convinced that FireMonkey provides opportunities to use Delphi in new and exciting ways. I am interested in exploring the possibilities but I also want to maintain as much as possible  of the IP that I have built up in Delphi applications to date. … Continue reading ›

Changing the Color of a FireMonkey Edit box

The new FireMonkey components have extensive design time functionality through the style engine so the presentation of components can be easily varied by the style editor. Some of the style parameters are also included in the object properties such as Font and FontFill (the new way to change the font color) but if the object code does not expose the parameter you need how do you change the style information dynamically at runtime?… Continue reading ›

Adelaide Meeting – September 2011

Thursday 15 September 2011

RAD Studio XE2 World Tour

Damien Bootsma from Embarcadero presented the RAD Studio XE2 World Tour.

Door prize winner

Neville Cook won the door prize of a LaCie Minimus 1Tb Desktop Drive. We thank Arena Business Techology for this kind donation valued at $119.00 RRP, and their continued support and sponsorship of ADUG.… Continue reading ›