Canberra Meeting – February 2004

February 2004

TechInsite Object Persistence Framework (tiOPF) – Peter Hinrichsen

Peter presented the TechInsite Object Persistence Framework. This is an Open Source framework of Delphi code that simplifies the mapping of an object oriented business model into a relational database.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meetings – 2003

December Graeme Grieve: Porting Indy to .NET.

November Bryan Dayton: Tricks With TEdit
Committee members: Programming competition results followed by general discussion

The Competition Requirements and Results can be found here Sub String Searching – Competition Rules’ And Sub String Searching – Results’

October Don MacRae: A presentation on one way to do Properties dialogs followed by discussion and synthesis of all points of view

September Annual AGM followed by Peter Hinrichsen and Ian Krigsman: TechInsite Object Persistence Framework.… Continue reading ›