Sydney Meeting – September 2006

September 2006

A Round table Discussion on Threads – Misha Charrett

Any of us have considered using threads, some of us have considerable experience with them. However, no matter how much we know, there always seems to be more to learn.… Continue reading ›

Adelaide Meeting – August 2004

Tuesday 17 August 2004

Untangling Threads – Jon Roder

Working with multi-threaded applications can be difficult even for a seasoned campaigner. This month we will look at using threads in delphi, from abstract concepts of threads and processes, to the Delphi TThread class and the underlying win32 implementation it is built on.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meetings – 2001

December: Meet Andrew Munro. Andrew, the new head of Borland Australia, gave us an update on Borland Oz.
Automated Unit Testing. Peter Hinrichsen gave a brief introductory presentation on the value of DUnit. Tim Knipe gave a rundown on his use of DUnit and other tools and techniques to test his Shell Control Pack version 2.… Continue reading ›