Melbourne Meeting – August 2018

Monday 20th August.

Loc Nguyen presented on his POS System

His talk covered:

  • The system’s 3 tier architecture consisting of an FMX client app, a VCL datasnap server and a backend SQL Server database.
  • A short demo of the server module and the client app.
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Melbourne Meeting – July 2018

Monday 16th July.

Grahame Grieve from Health Intersections presented on using Javascript in your application.

You can easily embed javascript in your application to allow your customers to write their own business rules. This presentation showed us how to do this using a simple data entry form as an example.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – June 2018

Monday 18th June.

Continuing our Multi Threading theme from last month, Jarrod Hollingworth presented a master-class in advanced threading:

Topics included:
– Demonstrate the new Delphi parallel library (parallel for loop, tasks run in thread pool, joins and futures)
– Thread safety (expanding on what was shown with critical sections, mutex/semaphore, TEvent, interlocked increment, etc)
– Tips, techniques, issues (stopping a thread, more on interacting with the main thread, debugging)
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Melbourne Meeting – May 2018

Monday 21st May.

John McDonald and Brian Watson gave a presentation on MultiThreading in Delphi.

John discussed the use of TThread for multithreading and the issues that have to be handled in multi-threaded applications. He showed a small program that illustrated the use of TThread.Queue… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – January 2018

Monday 15th January.

We had three presentations on different types of inter-process communication.

Brian Watson spoke about MailSlots.
Tony Bryer spoke about named pipes, semaphores and mutexes.
John McDonald spoke about sockets.… Continue reading ›

Sydney Meeting – October 2006

October 2006

Follow-up discussion on Threads – Delphi Community

After last month’s round table discussion on threads, quite a few of our members expressed their interest in discussing the topic further. This is why we thought we would do this rather sooner than later.… Continue reading ›