Melbourne Meeting – June 2020

Monday 15 June.

We met online, instead of meeting at the Shed.

Anil Krishnan from Aerion Technologies presented on Database Performance Tuning.

We looked into the index internals (Not a deep dive). Index is one of the most important things that one should look into for Performance Tuning of their SQL Server DBs (or any database – we will look at SQL Server here).… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – June 2008

June 2008

Dev Express Grids – Phil Shepard

Phil reviewed Dev Express grids from a .Net and Visual Studio perspective demonstrating the capabilies of the component and how he manages the large number of properties it has.

SQL Generation Using Method Chaining – Richard King

Richard demonstrated generating SQL in an application offering many user selectable queries and optional conditions which can be applied to the selected queries.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – February 2008

February 2008

Blackfish SQL – Tim Jarvis

Tim has provided a number of ADUG presentations and again offered an interesting technical and insider insight into CodeGear in general and the Blackfish SQL offering in particular. As usual the presentation included worked examples on how to best use Blackfish SQL.… Continue reading ›