Melbourne Meeting – June 2017

Monday 19th June.

Glen Kleidon gave a presentation on Delphi Project Bundling – creating a repository of all source and unit files and any dependent components for a project, which is then easily installed to another workstation.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – September 2012

September 2012

AGM + Mercurial version control – Lachlan Gemmell

After the AGM Lachlan introduced us to Mercurial , a free distributed (i.e. no server required) version control system. Mercurial itself is a command line application but TortoiseHg, a shell extension, provides a user-friendly interface.… Continue reading ›

Sydney Meeting – July 2012

July 2012

Delphi with jQuery Mobile – Paul Jervois

Discuss a method of combining Delphi with the jQuery and jQuery Mobile JavaScript libraries to generate web based GUIs that are optimised for the Mobile web browsers.

Managing Source Control with Github for Windows – Colin Johnsun

Git is a distributed version control system that is gaining increasing popularity amongst mainstream developers.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – June 2010

June 2010

Code Healer – Jim Duff

Jim demonstrated this product, which reports on issues with your source code – many of which are actually also reported by the IDE, but nevertheless there were some potentially useful extras.

Subversion Document Management System – Brian Watson

At the request of a client Brian has extended an electronic parts development tracking system to use subversion as repository for successive revisions of all documents and bills of assembly.… Continue reading ›

Sydney Meeting – June 2010

June 2010

Distributed Version Control with Git – Colin Johnsun

In continuing on the topic distributed version control systems. This month’s meeting we’ll be looking at Git. First introduced into the world of Linux but over the last few years we have seen better integration into Windows.… Continue reading ›

Sydney Meeting – May 2010

May 2010

Distributed version control with Mercurial – Lachlan Gemmell

In the past few years distributed version control systems have been gathering a lot of attention. The two best known are the open source systems, GIT and Mercurial. This month we’ll take a look at Mercurial and see

what advantages it has over centralised version controls systems,
how you can be up and running with it in about 60 seconds,
how it can be invaluable even for a solo developer,
super easy branching and merging,
great support for renamed files,
automating it into a build procedure,
running with or without a server.… Continue reading ›