Melbourne Meeting – December 2020

Monday 21 December.

We met online, instead of meeting at the Shed.

Geoffrey Smith shared his experiences of designing and building small hardware devices.

Geoffrey demonstrated the process of making a surface mount PCB, including designing the circuit (nothing too advanced), designing the PCB and getting the design manufactured.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – October 2016

Peter Postmus gave a presentation on his experiences with the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 and he demonstrated how to turn a Raspberry Pi into a Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Then Geoffrey Smith continued the topic of security from his presentation in April.… Continue reading ›

Sydney Meeting – December 2013

December 2013

Building simple applications for the Raspberry Pi – Paul Jervois

Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is a graphics engine that is used in the likes of classic games like Doom and Quake and media players like XBMC for the Raspberry Pi.… Continue reading ›