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Melbourne Meeting – September 2020

Monday 21 September at 6 for 6:15pm start.

We met online, instead of meeting at the Shed.

Malcolm Groves from Code Partners showed his CodeBindings open source library open source library.

CodeBindings : Visual LiveBindings with a lot less of the Visual:
– creating live bindings from code… Continue reading ›

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Melbourne Meeting – September 2016

Monday 19th September.

Australian Delphi User Group Annual General Meeting – The meeting we have to have

Followed by Building on the Symposium and Objects Everywhere – Lachlan GemmellContinue reading ›

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Using LiveBindings to Connect the UI to Objects

After listening in on the recent Embarcadero webinar Understanding RAD Studio LiveBindings with Cary Jensen I asked a few questions in the Q&A session, like how to notify the framework of changes to property values from within a property setter. I had a keen interest in the webinar after experimenting with LiveBindings as I belive they have great potential.… Continue reading ›

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Brisbane Meeting – March 2012

Thursday 01 March 2012


If the virtual gods are willing, we will have a workshop looking at FireMonkey and Mac development.
Also, Windows 8 was demonstrated.… Continue reading ›

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LiveBindings Part 2 – Displaying database data in a VCL (or FireMonkey) application

A perhaps not so well known fact about LiveBindings is that they can be used in VCL as well as FireMonkey applications. The traditional VCL data-aware controls are still available though and for reasons that will quickly become apparent, I wouldn’t advise ripping out your VCL TDBEdits just yet.… Continue reading ›

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LiveBindings Part 1 – Displaying database data in a FireMonkey application

This is the start of an in-depth series on the new LiveBindings technology found in Delphi XE2. At its most basic level LiveBindings is the mechanism provided for FireMonkey applications to display and edit data from a database on screen, a job that in the VCL is traditionally done with data-aware controls.… Continue reading ›

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