Monday 15th April.

We started with a “Public Soap Box” where discussed questions and discoveries related to Delphi.

Peter Magor gave a presentation on the Woll2Woll Info Power library that he won at the symposium.

And John McDonald gave a short presentation on generic lists, which detoured into class references and virtual class methods.… Continue reading ›

May 2012

Using Generics in Delphi 2009 to Delphi XE2 – Delphi Community

This month we want to encourage everyone to contribute on a discussion about Generics in Delphi (since Delphi 2009). Have you ever struggled with saving classes in TObjectList and found all the type casting to get your objects back as the right type/class annoying?… Continue reading ›

Smart pointers have a few uses, the most common being for memory management, providing a way of automatically managing the lifetime of an object in non garbage collected languages. In Delphi this is similar to what you get with reference counted interfaces but a smart pointer implementation does this in a generic way such that all objects can be managed without having to change the existing class (no need to implement interfaces or descend from TInterfacedObject).… Continue reading ›