Sydney Meeting – February 2010

February 2010

Programming and Deploying an Excel Add-In using VSTO 3.0 – Miguel Santos

This presentation will cover how to write Excel 2007 Add-In with Delphi Prism using VSTO 3.0.
In particular:
* Create a new Excel 2007 Add-In
* Excel objects
* Deployment using msi
* Troubleshooting deployment
* Development environment: MS VS2008, Delphi Prism, Excel 2007… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – July 2005

July 2005

Working with Excel from Delphi – John McDonald

John covered the basics of connecting to Excel using the ExcelApplication component, writing data to a spreadsheet, and formatting the spreadsheet. Speeding up the data transfer was then discussed. These techniques can be extrapolated to other interactions with Excel.… Continue reading ›