Australian Delphi User Group 2024 Symposium – Making 2 million lines of Delphi code from the 1990s relevant to the 2020s

Mark Fletcher of Tower Systems

ADUG 2024 Symposium

Mark Fletcher – Making 2 million Delphi loc from 1990 relevant to 2020

A cover page of a fardening magazine, and the Tower Systems logoMark Fletcher is a Delphi programmer and business entrepreneur who for 25 years has grown a Point of Sale system for Newsagents (now used at 1700 sites), to a success story serving more than 20 industries, and around 3,000 local independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands.… Continue reading ›

Australian Delphi User Group 2023 Symposium – JavaScript the Delphi Way

Jon Aasenden – JavaScript the Delphi Way

There are a number of products to simplify writing JavaScript using pascal-based code.
They provide a fast track for Delphi and pascal programmers to create applications for a wider range of platforms.

At our 2023 Symposium, Jon Aasenden, known to many for his involvement in Smart Mobile Studio, will be presenting “JavaScript the Delphi Way”.… Continue reading ›