December 2006

Case Study: Remote access via RemObjects’ DataSnap integration pack – Cling Good

This will look at how we fulfilled a requirement to allow existing applications to remotely access data using RemObjects and specifically their DataSnap integration pack. It will also focus on ways forward by migrating to using RemObject’s Data Abstract product.… Continue reading ›

January 2005

Member Built App: A Business Process Management System – Glenn Stephens

During the last few years, Glenn has been designing & building a Business Process Management (BPM) system in his spare time which consisted of nights, weekends etc. This BPM system was designed to allow people to perform the most common operational tasks, such as moving domain specific data in a natural way by integrating databases, workflow, middleware, enterprise systems etc, so that managers and process change engineers can define automated processes as well as monitoring KPIs.… Continue reading ›