Melbourne Meeting – April 2011

April 2011

Reading data from Delphi code using C# – Brian Watson

Brian took us through the process of implementing a Collection in a COM server. This allows us to expose the data contained in something such as an object list to the outside world.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – April 2008

April 2008

C# Presentation – John McDonald

John gave an overview of some of the interesting features of C#, and how it compares with Delphi. Points discussed:

  • static classes, sets, enums (very briefly)
  • generic classes and methods
  • enumerators and iterators
  • anonymous methods and closures.
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Melbourne Meeting – January 2005

January 2005

C# Overview – Phil Sheppard

Phil has redeveloped 3 Delphi apps in C#. He presented an overview of his C# app, architecture and code. Slides here.

Class Factories – Don Macrae

Don talks about class references and demonstrated a basic factory.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meetings – 2004


Technology Considerations for better Web Sites from Glenn Lawrence.


Something Different. Inspired by Joel’s ‘Guerilla Guide to Interviewing’, the meeting split into groups and attacked some bite sized problems. Problems, pics and solutions here.


Generating Objects from Existing Databases – Bryan Dayton

Bryan has approached the persistence layer from a different angle.… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meetings – 2001

December: Meet Andrew Munro. Andrew, the new head of Borland Australia, gave us an update on Borland Oz.
Automated Unit Testing. Peter Hinrichsen gave a brief introductory presentation on the value of DUnit. Tim Knipe gave a rundown on his use of DUnit and other tools and techniques to test his Shell Control Pack version 2.… Continue reading ›