Melbourne Meeting – September 2013

September 2013

Lachlan Gemmell (ADUG President)

The first part of the meeting was taken up with the AGM at which new Rules were passed. Lachlan then gave a presentation on real world usage of Generics and Anonymous Methods. Check out Lachlan’s TIndex site pages on Generics Anonymous Methods… Continue reading ›

Melbourne Meeting – March 2013

March 2013

Anonymous Methods – John McDonald

John gave a presentation on anonymous methods, first introduced with Delphi 2009, also mentioning generics and RTTI and how they can be used with anonymous methods. The talk was illustrated with a series of examples (download 99KB).… Continue reading ›

Smart Pointers

Smart pointers have a few uses, the most common being for memory management, providing a way of automatically managing the lifetime of an object in non garbage collected languages. In Delphi this is similar to what you get with reference counted interfaces but a smart pointer implementation does this in a generic way such that all objects can be managed without having to change the existing class (no need to implement interfaces or descend from TInterfacedObject).… Continue reading ›