ADUG 2024 Symposium

Mark Fletcher – Making 2 million Delphi loc from 1990 relevant to 2020

A cover page of a fardening magazine, and the Tower Systems logoMark Fletcher is a Delphi programmer and business entrepreneur who for 25 years has grown a Point of Sale system for Newsagents (now used at 1700 sites), to a success story serving more than 20 industries, and around 3,000 local independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands.

Mark has published over 4000 articles in his software / business blog since 2015, has bought a Newsagency business to ‘eat his own (point of sale) dog food’, and leads his industry in innovating in the retail space. 

Using Delphi, Tower Systems launched its Retailer POS software product in 1999, in time for the launch of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) in Australia.  Along the way, the company has navigated from an outright purchase model to SAAS, moved from a single retail channel to a 16-channel ‘vertical’ focus, and embraced integrations to lean into change.

Above all, Mark has emphasised service, accessibility, and responsiveness to their customers, as you can see him explain below.

Over 25 years, Mark and Tower have leveraged enhancements to ensure that much of their legacy code remains relevant to today.
Come find out how they have done it.

[Editor’s note: The pricing sticker in the article photo is exactly the reason I began using Delphi in 1999/2000. I wanted to recreate exactly that information for our own business … and 8 weeks later we had a product that lasted us the next 15 years.]

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Friday 17th May. Melbourne, Australia and ONLINE.
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