ADUG 2024 Symposium

Alister Christie – Enhancing Application Security in Delphi

A view of the Australian Parliament, superimposed with Delphi code.In the realm of application security, the Delphi programming environment presents both opportunities and challenges. This talk aims to shed light on critical aspects of application security within Delphi.

Delphi Rockstar, Alister Christie will begin by exploring the paramount importance of security in the current digital era and the distinct challenges encountered during application development in Delphi.

Alister will delve into various security vulnerabilities that Delphi applications might encounter, including SQL injection, GUI modification, network inspection, and the sensitive data stored in memory. Through real-world examples, he will underscore the potential impact of these risks.

The core of this talk revolves around practical strategies to bolster the security of Delphi applications. Alister will delve into secure coding practices, using security frameworks and libraries, and implementing rigorous testing procedures to safeguard against these vulnerabilities.

Additionally, he will emphasise the significance of continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest security trends and threats.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of application security in Delphi and acquire practical knowledge to build more secure Delphi applications, regardless of their experience level.

Join us for an illuminating session exploring strategies to fortify your Delphi applications against the ever-changing landscape of security threats.

Alister has published two very well-received books on improving your Delphi skills :
Code Faster in Delphi and Code Better in Delphi.  (

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Friday 17th May. Melbourne, Australia and ONLINE.
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