ADUG 2024 Symposium

Tim Young – Building a Full-Featured Web Application with Delphi

Elevate Web Builder, currently at version 3.02 has been a mainline product for Elevate Software ever since it was first released in 2011.

It is a rapid application development environment for both client and server web applications.

It is simple and easy to create beautiful web applications by dragging and dropping components in a custom-designed WYSIWYG IDE. Developers can then use both the component inspector and code editor to modify component properties and add the necessary code to implement the desired application behaviors.

Elevate Web Builder is for developing both client web applications and server applications using a single language. It features a compiler that compiles Object Pascal source code to both JavaScript (client) and interpreted object code (server); tools that automatically create and transform source code for designer objects and event handlers; and an extensive runtime and component library for building beautiful and functional client and server web applications quickly and easily.

Join developer Tim Young from Elevate Software for a tour of the product, and find out how you can use Elevate Web Builder to create full-featured web applications quickly and easily.

Registrations close : Sunday 12th May for the in-person Melbourne event,  
                                  Wednesday 15th May for Online attendance.


Come for the talks.
Stay for the prizes.
Presentations recorded and available for attendees after the event.
See you there!
Friday 17th May. Melbourne, Australia and ONLINE.
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