2018 ADUG Symposium

2018 Symposium Event Update

The Australian Delphi Users Group are hosting the 2018 ADUG Symposium in May

  • Perth – Wednesday 23rd May 2018
  • Melbourne – Friday 25th May 2018

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  • Herman Schoenfeld – Sphere 10 Software PascalCoin – Infinitely Scalable Cryptocurrency
  • Dave Nottage – Hard Won Battle Scars from Mobile App Development
  • Peter Thönell – OO in Delphi From the ground up. An in depth look behind the scenes at Delphi objects
  • Vincent Parrett – Software Licensing for Delphi


Thank you to our sponsors.  We could not hold this event without the support of these organizations.

Principal Sponsor The Continuity Group


Fast Reports Raize Software www.applyingcode.com

Click here for Full Details and Registration