Did you miss DevConIT? Maybe you don’t speak Italian?

Join us on Monday, 20th February to hear Andrea Raimondi present his DevConIT talk in English at our ADUG National Meeting.


Is it even possible to share any UI code across the two frameworks? Yes. No. Mostly yes.

It is possible as long as you accept that your architecture needs to change into something completely different, new but also far more easily maintainable in the long term.

And my job, if you choose to accept it, will be to show you how.

This talk is ideal for those who have large codebases heavily rooted in the VCL framework, maybe with tons of custom-built components and who wish to be able to take a lot of that code and make it available on other platforms, while enhancing documentation and making it work for sales and support alongside development. Because that is also possible!


Monday, 20th February 2023 from 7:30pm Melbourne time (AEDT)

Zoom meeting details will be published in the ADUG Forum shortly before the meeting starts.