This year the ADUG Symposium is on in Melbourne and Sydney.

We are pleased to announce that our special presenter is Mason Wheeler. Mason will show Delphi as a web server and more. Alister Christie the creator numerous video tutorials and will be here to show DataSnap with Android. As always Malcolm Groves is a welcome participant in this years symposium. Other local talent this year, Scott Hollows will show how to develop for Apple hardware

Catch up with colleagues and hear about the latest news from the Delphi World. We hope you can make it.

Your registration fee includes all refreshments, including lunch and end of day drinks and nibbles.


The ADUG wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following companies whose sponsorship helps to make our Symposium possible:

Arena Business Technology ecs_logo
Nexus DB Raize Software

When and Where

Melbourne Sydney
Thursday, 21st March
La Trobe University
Friday,22nd March
The Wesley Conference Centre


8:30-8:45 Registration
8:45-9:00 Introduction and Welcome
9:00-10:30 Building Interactive Websites in Pure Object Pascal

Mason Wheeler

Despite being a strong all-around programming language, Delphi has a relatively small footprint in the world of Web servers. However, there’s no reason why a strong website can’t be built on an Object Pascal stack.In this session, Mason Wheeler discusses the principles involved in building such a website. Beginning with a Delphi web server, participants will explore the principles involved in setting up an interactive website.DWS (Delphi Web Script) templating will be used for server-side scripting, and Smart Mobile Studio for HTML, CSS and JavaScript generation, based on Mason’s experience using these technologies to create a browser-based game.

10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:.00-12:30 Android / DataSnap

Alister Christie

Today, it’s now pretty hard to ignore mobile platforms due to the ubiquity of smart phones and tablets. The question becomes how to leverage your Delphi skills in this area.In this talk we are going to examine how to write a back-end server to expose your data and/or business logic to other platforms. In particular we will examine a DataSnap REST server with an Android client developed for the real estate industry.The Android clients synchronise data and photos with a server running on a salespersons laptop or central server allowing the agent in the field access to the office listings on the go. This presentation will be part slides, part looking at code, and part coding.

12:30-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:30 Advanced Model-View-View Model (MVVM) usage for Delphi programmers

Malcolm Groves

At the most recent CodeRage online conference Malcolm spoke about using the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern to design applications that can use the same backend with alternative UIs (e.g. a mobile app version of your desktop application).Malcolm will be picking up where his CodeRage video left off and covering more advanced MVVM material.IMPORTANT: This session assumes a considerable amount of pre-requisite knowledge.

Before the Symposium please ensure you have watched the

Malcolm’s introductory MVVM video from CodeRage at either or

3:30-4:00 Coffee Break
4:00-5:30 Everything you need to know to create Delphi applications for Apple Macintosh OSX

Scott Hollows

Bonus – write once, run everywhere.A lofty goal aiming for single source that supports multiple platforms (Win, Mac, Mobile), VCL and FireMonkey and multiple versions of Delphi (backward and forward compatible).Those glowing apple logos are popping up everywhere. Apple Macintosh has been around for decades and its popularity has sharply increased in recent years. With Delphi FireMonkey you can develop applications that target both Windows and Apple Mac.

Topics OSX for Windows Tech Heads

* Fast track introduction to OSX for Windows tech heads
* Windows on Mac, Mac on Windows Delphi and OSX
* Hard core getting started – going from Huh to Hello World
* OSX specific features, issues & problems
* Screen interface and platform standards
* File system quirks
* FireMonkey on OSX
* Code gotchas

Scott uses an Apple Macbook because “its the best machine to create Windows, Mac and Mobile applications. In fact, its an excellent Windows machine period and you dont have to abandon Windows when you move to Mac. Its the best of both worlds”

5:30-6:30 Closing session and prize draw 
Prize presentation and a chance to wind down and chat over drinks and finger food – prize details coming soon.


Mason Wheeler Mason Wheeler Computer programming has always been an important part of Mason Wheeler’s life. He started dabbling in programming at age 8, when he realized that it would be possible to build his own video games, and discovered Delphi in his mid-teens soon after the first version was released. He’s been working with Delphi ever since, first as a hobby, and later professionally.

Mason studied Computer Science at BYU-Idaho, but his knowledge of programming is largely self-taught, relying on experimentation, books, tutorials, exploration of existing code, and asking questions in order to develop his skills. He’s currently employed at WideOrbit, Inc, a company that uses Delphi to build industry-leading management software for television and radio stations, used throughout the US and worldwide, including WIN in Australia.

Mason works as an integrations specialist, building and maintaining the systems that allow WideOrbit’s software to interoperate with related systems from other vendors.

Malcolm Groves Malcolm Groves Embarcadero – Senior Director, Asia Pacific and JapanOver the last 18 years, Malcolm has designed and developed distributed systems in a wide range of technologies, including DCE, CORBA, J2EE, DCOM, MSMQ, MQSeries, Web Services and a bunch of others, so is fully buzzword compliant.He’s also been an Evangelist for many of the same technologies, which is a nice way of saying he’s tried to sell them. Importantly, he’s been involved in raging successes and unmitigated disasters, and has spent a lot of time trying to figure out what made the difference between the two.
Alister Christie Alister Christie first started programming in Turbo Pascal some time way back in the last millennium, and has a BSc in mathematics and computer science from Victoria University of Wellington.He has been using Delphi since 1999 developing systems for the real estate industry in New Zealand. In that capacity he has dabbled in other languages and technologies (C#, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Java/Android etc..), but his preference is still Delphi. In 2007(ish) he started a website dedicated to videos on how to use Delphi, which has been recently renamed

In 2012 Alister started producing commercial videos on using Delphi and there are now over 24 hours of training materials available for purchase. Alister is also a property investor, regularly goes to the gym and on occasion plays guitar.

Scott Hollows Scott Hollows is an enterprise software developer based in Perth, WA. He cut his programming teeth on a PDP 1170 and has been in the Delphi world since Delphi 5 including its predecesor Turbo Pascal. Roles include software development focused on Oracle and Delphi, data architect, instructor, data warehouses design and development, performance tuning and Oracle DBA.

Previously a senior principal at Oracle’s world corporate headquarters and advisor to Oracle’s internal software development groups. Developed software for US military & government agencies, NASA space shuttle, nuclear power & nuclear weapons industries. 70+ industry presentations and publications including best presentation awards.

Symposium Prizes

The ADUG wishes to acknowledge these friends of the ADUG for supporting us with donations of valuable product. Prizes will be divided between the venues and winners drawn at the end of day drinks at each venue.
Winners will have the choice of the remaining prizes, which initially of course includes all of them.

Note: Pricing is approximate, see relevant product website for more details.

Embarcadero Australia Embarcadero is giving away wonderful software prizes…RAD Studio XE3 Architect editionEmbarcadero® RAD Studio XE3 is your developer force multiplier and the fastest way to build data-rich, visually engaging applications for Windows 8, Mac, .NET, Web and mobile. You get Delphi®C++Builder®,Embarcadero Prism™, and HTML5 Builder so you can deliver applications 5x faster across Windows 8, Mac OS X including Retina display, and more.


$ 8,383

Arena Business Technology Arena Business Technology is preparing a prize donation now, stand by for more details soon
Addictive Software Addict 4 Spell Check Professional Addict is a professional native VCL component suite that provides end-to-end solutions for adding spelling check and thesaurus support to your applications. The Addict component suite includes many components and routines.



Axialis Software Axialis IconWorkshop: allows you to create, modify, convert and manage all kinds of icons for Windows, Macintosh® and Unix. It supports PNG-compressed icons up to 256×256 for Windows Vista and 512×512 for MacOS 10.5 Leopard. It permits creation and edition of icons in Image Strip in toolbars.Axialis Software bundle of their TWO GREAT products,the prize winners receive a license for Icon Workshop AND Cursor Workshop 10


Axialis Software Axialis CursorWorkshop: allows you to create professional-looking static and animated cursors to customize mouse pointers in Windows, applications and web sites. It permits building cursors from ready-to-use image objects. Various assistants helps you create animated cursors from existing animations files. (USD 1189)Axialis Software bundle of their TWO GREAT products,the prize winners receive a license for Icon Workshop AND Cursor Workshop



Axialis Software Ribbon & Toolbar STOCK ICON BUNDLE (10 offered – Total US$3410) –
– 1 license of Basic Set – 1108 icons ($49)
– 1 license of Database Set – 574 icons ($29)
– 1 license of Multimedia Set – 664 icons ($29)
– 1 license of Business Set -1123 icons ($29)
– 1 license of Word Processing Set – 914 icons ($39)
– 1 license of User ManagementSet – 1112 icons ($39)
– 1 license of Imaging Set – 685 icons ($39)
– 1 license of Hardware & Network Set – 1123 icons ($39)
– 1 license of Web & Email Set – 1123 icons ($39)A combined total of over US$6250



Axialis Software Pure Flat 2013 STOCK ICON BUNDLE (10 offered – Total US$1660) –
– 1 license of Basic Set – 1500 icons ($49)
– 1 license of Database Set – 869 icons ($39)
– 1 license of Multimedia Set – 1237 icons ($39)
– 1 license of Business Set – 1713 icons ($39)A combined total of over US$6250



Coogara Consulting FireMonkey Development for iOS and OS X with Delph™ XE2 with CDby Graeme ChandlerThis is a book and CD combination on Firemonkey developmentPreview the book contents



Coogara Consulting Application Development with HTML5 Builder with CDby Graeme ChandlerThis is a book and CD combination on HTML5 application developmentPreview the book contents



EC Software Help & Manual 6 Professional including the H&M Premium Pack. Help & Manual 6 is a single-source help authoring and content management system for both single and multi-author editing. Help & Manual scales from small to really large projects with thousands of pages and creates Windows help files, Webhelp and FOR THE iPAD as well as manuals in print and PDF format.



ESB Consultancy ESBPCS “Full Version”: includes a huge collection of components and routines to make Data Entry and Manipulation easier. Includes full Delphi Source and covers Calculators, Calendars, Date Controls, Statistical Controls, Data specific edits and much more.This prize also incudes a free upgrade to new ESBDevLib for VCL/FMX



ESB Consultancy ESBUnitConv Pro: Unit Conversion Software (standalone app – no source) valued at $19 US each



Fast Reports FastReport® FMX: Multi-platform report generator for Apple Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows, compatible with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 (FMX library). Report generator FastReport FMX is the first multi-platform solution for integrating Business Intelligence into software based on Embarcadero FireMonkey IDE (Delphi for MS Windows and Apple Mac OS X). FastReport FMX



LMD Innovative LMD Tools 2013: The most extensive and powerful productivity set available! Whatever you want to develop, LMD-Tools is the real thing. This toolbox provides easy-to-use components for all the power you want to implement in your projects. Furthermore LMD-Tools controls provide unique features you won’t find in any other component suite.



LMD Innovative LMD Docking Pack: LMD DockingPack is a collection of native VCL components and additional classes that can be compiled into your application royalty free. This package was designed to help you building applications with entirely customizable and modern user interface. Add docking features with floating panels even the new Metropolis style!



Nexus DB NexusDB BDE Replacement Edition:The NexusDB BDE Replacement Edition is a DCU/binary only edition that features full C/S capabilities and SQL features. It comes with a component set matching the normal BDE component palette and being largely component property compatible, makes the transition from BDE to a modern C/S database easy. There are no artificial performance limitiations or database/table size restrictions. Compiler support from Delphi 7 and up.


Raize Software CodeSite Studio v5: The CodeSite Logging System gives developers deeper insight into how their code is executing, which enables them to locate problems more quickly and ensure their application is running correctly. CodeSite’s logging classes let developers capture all kinds of information while their code executes and then send that information to a live display or to a log file. Furthermore, both styles of logging, live logging and file logging, can be performed locally or remotely.



Raize Software Raize Components v6: Raize Components is a user interface design system for CodeGear Delphi. At its centre is a collection of more than 125 general-purpose native VCL controls. Built on a foundation of technology first created more than eight years ago, these high-quality components give developers unsurpassed power and flexibility without sacrificing ease-of-use.



Scalabium Software SMExport component suite with Sources: Convert from all popular data formats! Fast and direct data export into MS Excel, XML, HTML, SPSS, PDF and others from DBGrid/Dataset or any VCL control.



Scalabium Software SMImport component suite with Sources: Convert from all popular data formats! Now you can read the MS Excel/XML/HTML/DBF/Open Office/Paradox files directly without any external libraries.



Scalabium Software SMMsg component suite with Sources: SMMsg suite allow to read/parse the files created by MS Outlook. You may read the message with all mail information (subject, body, recipients, attachments etc), contact, note, task, appointment, journal, post item, etc.



Scooter Software Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders.  By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you’re interested in and ignore those you’re not.  You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.



Systemsoftware Mathias Rauen madExcept was built to help you locate bugs in your software. Whenever there’s a crash/exception in your program, madExcept will automatically catch it, analyze it, collect lots of useful information, and give the end user the possibility to send you a full bug report. madExcept is also able to find memory leaks, resource leaks and buffer overruns for you.



Steema TeeChart Pro VCL with Source: TeeChart Pro is a leading charting and graphing tool that has been developed through an interactive process of response to customer requirements and innovations since 1997.TeeChart Pro charting component library offers hundreds of Graph styles in 2D and 3D, 54 mathematical, statistical and financial Functions for you to choose from together with an unlimited number of axes and 30 Palette components. The TeeChart source code supports Embarcadero Windows IDEs (RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder) and now includes native code FireMonkey support enabling you to use common sourcecode to compile your applications for Windows, Mac OS and iOS/iPhone.



VSoft Technologies FinalBuilder Professional Named User Licenses Includes 1 Year Software Assurance – Licenses must be claimed before 31 March 2014 FinalBuilder presents a build process in a logically structured, graphical interface. With its extensive library of pre-written scripts, called actions, FinalBuilder has an action to automate every common task in a build process. It also integrates with your existing compilers, version control systems and testing tools.




Total (in US$25,678)