The tradition lives on...

A key part of ADUG is the annual symposium. This gives us a chance to come together as a nation (cue patriotic background music) for some great content, a good catch-up and the chance to know that we are not alone.

Symposium is a one day event with typically 4 speakers. We try to get an international speaker each time, along with a number of local speakers. Topics are typically Delphi focused. We try to cover VCL and Firemonkey, new trends, and best practice.

There's a HUGE prize draw

Did we mention there is a HUGE prize draw?

For the recent symposiums the number of prizes has exceeded the number of attendees, and everyone won a prize. And these aren’t token prizes like a pen that doesn’t work. Past prizes have included a copy of Delphi and full working versions of component libraries. This is literally tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.

Symposium 2023

Who needs AI

when you have the real thing?

Symposium 2023,
the intelligent choice

Geoffrey Smith
Geoffrey Smith
Jason Tolley
Jon Aasenden
David Millington