Sydney Meeting – November 2015

Wednesday 18th November 2015 at 6 for 6:15pm start.


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For catering purposes please register your attendance in advance. Registration is free.
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Getting Started with DataSnap – Mathias Burbach

We will look at DataSnap for beginners building a sample appserver connecting to the Employee database of Interbase. Once that is running and we have a client to ask for data and make changes to the data, we shall aim a little higher. We look at three different flavours of DataSnap:

  • the old way of using TDataSetProviders & TClientDataSets
  • the FireDAC way of connecting and retrieving data and changing data
  • the REST way of publishing app server methods and use FDMemTables

As a result we have a bit of a gap analysis of what is possible with each of the three methods and how much effort is involved.

Show and Tell – All Welcome

Bring along your applications, libraries, components, anything you’ve written and want to show off. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly fancy or clever, the idea is just to get to know how Delphi is used by your fellow ADUG members.

Some of the promised applications/code that may make an appearance include:

  • A solar trough tracking system
  • A chook weighing system
  • A home automation system
  • A GPS/Accelerometry sports tracking system
  • An object relational mapper that sits on top of a TClientDataSet

There should be time for more so bring along your laptop and give us the 5 minute intro to your latest programming masterpiece.

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