Thuirsday 28th May 2015 at 6 for 6:15pm start.

This month’s Sydney meeting will be an informal “show and tell” style meeting. The idea is that anyone can have 10-15 minutes to show anything they like. It might be something from their code or something interesting they’ve found online.

It doesn’t have to be cutting edge or particularly tricky, it can just be your take on how you handled a particular everyday problem or task. No need to prepare specific code demos or slides either, just show us a few interesting snippets of your code and tell us how they work. Plenty of discussion will no doubt follow each presenter. It should be an thought
provoking night.

So far we have show and tell contributions lined up from several of our regulars with plenty of room for more.

So get in touch with your 10-15 minute “show and tell” topic, particularly if you’ve never presented before. If you don’t have a laptop to show your code with the Sydney sub-committee under Together we’ll sort something out.

More details.