The wait is over...

The Continuity Group has moved to a new, improved premises. More space, more views, more parking, more fridge space.

Lockdown is over. Did we say over? We meant long since forgotten. It is erased from our memory. Deleted. Purged. A bit like:


Which means we can now meet … together … in person … IRL.


Wednesday 24th November 2021  at 6:15 PM


The Continuity Group’s new head office:

Suite 3, Level 2/114 Pyrmont Bridge Rd,

Annandale NSW 2038


Do we need one?

It will start with a bit of “geez, I can’t believe lockdown lasted so long”, moving onto “geez, I can’t believe what people are doing now”

We may digress into talking about the latest Delphi release (Sydney will always be the best release).

Possibly even get into Delphi on Android.

Why not Delphi on Steroids?

And then we will think beer and steak.

Or for the vegetarians, we will think beer and how dinner was a missed steak.