Wednesday 26th November 2014 at 6 for 6:15pm start.

NoSQL document database and query (map/reduce) example using CouchDB and Delphi – Jarred Davison

Have you ever had a problem where you need to store a large amount of data that has a lot of rich detail in it? You are unsure of all the possible questions that you might need to answer from it down the track. When we design a solution using a classical relational database we often need to know how we intend to use the data to ensure we can make the database perform well, making sure we have the right information indexed, but not so much that we slow the database down too much. NoSQL databases turns this around let you store the data, then you can relax and query the data with ease later. The presentation will discuss how we can approach this problem using one of the NoSQL databases, CouchDB which is a highly scalable open source database.

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