March 2006

Application and Event Logging Framework – Misha Charrett

We’ve all done logging at some time, whether to record errors, check performance or log data changes. However, how do you log a communications error to the database if your network has gone down? Misha’s solution allows multiple client applications to centralise event logs on a server database in a reliable way.

ADUG Meeting Reminder with ECOIII – Mathias Burbach

This will be a short presentation on how ECOIII has helped me to build an even better meeting reminder mail-merge tool. We will look into building the model separately from the database & UI. We will write NUnit test cases to proof the “business rules” are working properly. We will see an import app to import existing TClientDataSet XML files and finally the beginning of an ASP.Net front-end for the model.
You can download the source code from our ADUG JediVCS version control server at as user “Guest” with password “Guest”.