Wednesday 25th June at 6 for 6:15pm start.

Using FireDAC in the real world with MS SQL Server – Duncan Stodart

Why switch from ADO (DBGo) to FireDAC? Performance, directions from Microsoft and Embarcadero. Pitfalls and work-arounds. Things we had to change, problems encountered and what we have done so far.

Converting database types in Live Binding – Mathias Burbach

In this short presentation we will look at live binding expressions and how to convert database column types to different Delphi types via expressions and Delphi code. This talk is based on Malcolm’s “How to treat an Integer field as a Boolean?” blog post here.

Join us for an interesting evening at the Embarcadero board room. Members can also attend from home or from their office desk via GotoMeeting.

Venue details.