June 2009

Embarcadero: What’s cooking in the labs – Malcolm Groves

This month Malcolm Groves will be coming along to tell us what he can about the future for Delphi and Embarcadero. Most of you will know Malcolm as he has been involved in Delphi and ADUG forever. Malcolm will hopefully be demonstrating some of the cross-platform native Delphi features, and maybe even the touch/gesturing support, announced recently.
We have all had our chance to play with Delphi 2009 now and Malcolm is the ideal person to to answer questions, take feedback and field gripes.

Developing multi-threaded multi-tiered/distributed applications with the CSI application framework – Misha Charrett

This presentation will be split into two parts, the first part in June outlining the theory behind the framework architecture, and the second part in July illustrating the practical nature of the framework implementation. I will explain how it is possible to break all “elements” of distributed systems into 6 basic component “types”, and how by implementing a common interface across all “components” it is easy to build complex multi-threaded multi-tiered applications without requiring any knowledge of threads or inter-process communication. I will also explain how an application’s “components”, their configuration, and how they are “wired”, can be defined in a configuration file (rather than code) to remove any “coupling” between the components at design time.