June 2005

Practical interface usage – Lachlan Gemmell

This session will introduce Object Pascal interfaces (not user interfaces) and provide some practical examples of where they can be used. Examples will include interface usage in the VCL, using interfaces to build an application that be run either as a single exe or a distributed system, code that can be reused in both a web and desktop application, and a technique useful for library type code that gives a class seperate private and public interfaces.
If you’re unfamiliar with interfaces or if you have trouble finding a role for them in your applications this session will give you some tips.

ModelMaker 8 Product Review – Mathias Burbach

ModelMaker is a two-way class tree oriented productivity, refactoring and UML-style CASE tool. It is specifically designed for generating native Delphi code. It has won serveral Delphi Informant “Best Modelling/UML Tool” awards. Since it was bundeled with Delphi 7 as ModelMaker 6.2 the company ModelMaker Tools has released version 7 & 8. So its time to have a look at the new features of ModelMaker 8.0.6 and why and when to use it.