January 2008

Memory Leak Detection with FastMM – Mathias Burbach

Since Delphi 2006 FastMM has become the default memory manager for Delphi. The presentation will focus on the memory leak detection feature of FastMM and how to pin down even the line of code, where the leak was introduced.

Not your father’s Pascal – Lachlan Gemmell

There have been many extensions to the Delphi/Object Pascal language since Delphi 7. Are you making the most of these new language features? Did you know that records can now have methods, properties for instance? Do you know what the difference between “private” and “strict private” is? What is a “sealed” class? What is a “class helper”? Have you ever used nested classes? What is a “for in” loop?
We’ll look at these new language features and others and discuss how you can make use of them in your code.
This presentation can be downloaded as a video from Lachlan’s FTP site. The FTP server and password can be found in the ADUG mail-list archive here.