January 2007

Concurrency Handling in Win32 World – Craig Goodall

We will look at concurrency handling in Delphi Win32. How to detect changes made by another user since you selected your resultset and how to handle them efficiently. This solution is based on Firebird, IBX and “visual” inheritence on Datamodules. We will use a centralized OnPostError handler to deal with the conflict.
You will find Craig’s source code here

Concurrency Handling in .NET/ECO World – Mathias Burbach

We will look at concurrency handling in Delphi .NET with ECO. The presentation will show how to make use of the ECO Timestamp, which is really a version number on the record, how to detect changed object instances that could not be saved because of a direct conflict and how to deal with that conflict on the client side (EcoSpace & WinForm).
You will find Mathias’ source code here