August 2008

Software Archaeology – Malcolm Groves

(AKA I’ve just inherited a million lines of Delphi code and I don’t know what to do with it) Among the features added to Delphi in recent years, there are a few that seem to be regularly put into the “too hard” basket. UML is one, Audits and Metrics is another, Design Pattern support, even Unit Testing in many cases. An opinion often expressed is that unless you use these things from the start of your project, they are no value to you. In this session, Malcolm will take us through a slightly different way of using these and other features, with a particular focus on the value they can give to someone who needs to maintain and extend an existing, large codebase that was developed without the use of any of these features.

Delphi 2009 Preview – Malcolm Groves

The R&D efforts for the next version of Delphi – codenamed Tiburon – are well on its way. We have seen already a few blogs about the main features of the next version of Delphi. Unicode seems to be one of them. This month we can enjoy even two presentations of Malcolm Groves, CodeGear’s Asia Pacific Product Director, in our home town.