August 2005

Turning MDA into reality with ECO2 – Dick Walker

We will have a look at a commercial application developed by Dick Walker using ECO2. We will look at how ECO and .NET are used to create a real life business application. We will cover the general concepts involved, discuss design decisions and take a high-level view of some of the latest technologies can be used. Come along, have a look and ask some questions.

Here are some helpful links:

Modal Frames – José García

Modal dialog boxes stop your application in its tracks: the user is forced to deal with it before any other operation is allowed. This might make sense in an SDI application, but very little in a MDI application, where an error message on one form prevents you from opening another. Why should this be so? Following a need to have modal dialog boxes be modal only to the current form in a MDI application, “Modal Frames” were born. We will cover the design and implementation of what is yet another very useful feature of TFrame.
The source code of this presentation can be downloaded from here.