April 2012

Using Delphi XE2 to develop for the iPhone & iPad – Glenn Stephens

This month we take a closer look into iPhone & iPad development with Delphi XE2. Glenn has implemented 4 native iPhone apps so far and wants to shar some of his experiences with us. These include:

* iOS and the benefits of developing for mobile device
* Appropriate setup configuration of your development platform
* Using the provisioning portal and iTunes Connect
* Building a simple application and compiling it on XCode for iPhone
* Deploying it to the device
* Keeping the user informed and good UI practice for iOS
* Popping up alerts
* Configuring an application for deployment
* Debugging strategies
* Location based services and other app based information
* Using Media on the iOS devices (Graphics, Camera and Audio)
* Working with Data on the phone (Local data, SQLite, REST & Web Services)