The Perth Delphi user group are meeting on Tuesday 23 August 2016, starring these adorable people


Where – Artifactory  8/16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA 6017
When – This Tuesday 23rd August 6pm start.  First presentation 6:15

Snackage – $10 all you can eat pizza or $1.50 a slice.  $1.50 drinks.


Peter Thönell – Creating Firemonkey controls that act as pointers for disabled users.
Catching mouse actions, platform agnostic timers, and more.

Peter Wright – Delphi bug reports discussion
What was fixed ?   What wasnt ?  What makes Peter go grrrrr

Scott Hollows
1) Document life cycle – dealing with new / modified / save / save as in menus and hot keys
Its a lot harder than you think to create user interface to match defacto Windows standards for File New / Save / Save As.
Scott will show you his free unit that simplifies this

2) Application runtime control and getting all of these to play nicely together

3) Improvement to the IDE to allow renaming anything, from anywhere

4) Resize and drag anything, using other things

5) Make a panel look and act like a Window (title bar, minimize, maximize, close)


Off Topic Pizza Discussions – submitted by Richard Harrington
Some topics to ponder over pizza.
Research some of these in advance and let us know what you think

1. WestTV will be online from December this year.
What does this mean ?
How many Gigs involved for users ?
WestTV has moved to old ABC building Adelaide Tce  and old phone not transferred last time I checked.
Hmmm conspiracy theories anyone

2. High powered lithium batteries in iphones ipads.
Copies of apple products and chargers cause serious fires – house fires
Written tech data not found on google.
Apple very secretive.
It all sounds very sus.  Conspiracy much ?  You decide

From the usual suspects

Scott Hollows and Frank Reynolds
Perth Meeting Organizers