Lively and socially interactive discussion on many aspects of Delphi and coding methods.


Peter Wolfgram – code review for form inheritance in one of Peter’s commercial applications


Peter Sanders presented classes. Discussing why they are so useful and how easy they are to create


Les Fox and SQL – part II
SQL Triggers and procedures


Les Fox and SQL – part I
Introduction to SQL and a refresher for existing users


Peter Sanders demonstrated ModelMakers Code Explorer.

The great application developers tool, ModelMakers Code Explorer was shown. This is a terrific enhancement to the developer, enabling the much more efficient and faster creation and editing of all class/type field, properties and methods etc.

There are many more benefits to using this tool.


Peter Maddin showed us the use of Regular expressions.

Regular Expressions are a widely-used method of specifying patterns of text to search for. Special metacharacters allow You to specify, for instance, that a particular string You are looking for occurs at the beginning or end of a line, or contains n recurrences of a certain character.

Regular expressions look ugly for novices, but really they are a very simple (well, usually simple ), handy and powerful tool.

There are a few Regular Expression modules for Win32 Delphi, but most of them are commercial and can be expensive.

Fortunately there is one that is freeware -TRegExpr.

This is a very simple regular expression library is written by Andrey V. Sorokin from Saint Petersburg, Russia. While it may lack some the more sophisticated features of the commercial alternatives, it will probably meet most of your requirements.

TRegExpr can be downloaded from

Its not an installable component but a unit you just add to your project. It is very simple and straight forward to use. The only tricky thing is the syntax of regular expressions themselves.

Download the presentation PPT and source code


Peter Sanders
Real Thin Client component suite.
Videos available on the RTC site.


Peter Sanders – Book review
Object Oriented software Analysis and Design
Authors: McLaughlin, Pollice & West
Publisher: O’Reilly

Regardless of ECO many people are still using Win32 and designing databases the hard way, why not take all the hard work out of it with a tool that can provide the full cycle of database schema design and maintenance, including: creating of tables, relations views and stored procedures; drawing sophisticated and professional looking diagrams; maintaining the history of changes made to the database schema objects

Peter Wolfgram
Context Database Designer


Peter Sanders
Latest release of EUREKALOG.

“The ultimate bug trapping software on the market”.
This software enables your customers to help you debug your software.

Too many features to list here. Check the EurekaLog web site for more information and 30 day trial to test with your own software (Prepare to be amazed).


Matthias Burbach

Making components and classes data aware