Perth Meeting – Sep 2019

Tuesday 17th September 2019 at 6pm for 6:15pm start

Delphi presentations and amazing pizza

  • Who TFramed Delphi Rabbit ? Frank Reynolds Did
  • Windows APIs – WinAPI, COM & ShellAPI, WinRT
  • Open Mic / BYO Questions

6pm start, first presentation at 6:15pm
Artifactory, Osborne Park
Unit 8 / 16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA 6017



  • Who TFramed Delphi Rabbit ? Frank Reynolds Did

    TFrames are like a reusable custom panel and you can use a screen painter to create them, just like the screen painter that you use to create forms.   This presentation will compare using Forms and Frames and techniques for creating and managing them at runtime.We would like to see examples from the audience so if you have any examples of Frames, please bring along some files or screen snapshots on a thumb drive and we can take a look at them.  You can also bring your laptop to show them, but files on a thumb drive will be quicker to display if you can do thatForms:
    * All built at run-time,
    * Create and Run once (create/destroy on the fly,
    * Create and use when needed, not destroyed.
    * General use,
    * Use on Tabs,
    * Use in place of Tabs
    * API Overload

  • Windows APIs Discussion

  • Open Mic / BYO Questions
    Bring your discussion topics and questions for our Open Mic section.



1 Comment on “Perth Meeting – Sep 2019

  1. G’day,
    A couple of decades ago, I made an attempt at programming for a friend, using Delphi 6. I later updated to Turbo 2006. The .exe file did the job he required, but being a first attempt at programming was very messy. He has asked me to update some of the figures used in the program. I have not used Delphi since way back then, and it is not on my current computer. I could install it, but being such an old version I am not even sure I would remember how to use it. Could be best if I got him to see if any of your members may be interested in updating his program? He lives in Perth (Kalamunda), and the program calculates Greenhouse gas emissions for a household. I could provide all of the (messy) code I used.
    Cheers for now! Steve