Tuesday  18th October at 6 for 6:15pm start.

The Perth Delphi user group are meeting this Tuesday at Artifactory 8/16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA 6017

Map Artifactory

1) Scott van der Linden – various Delphi language topics

– More Mind Your Language

A fast paced review of many Delphi language features that even experienced developed might not be aware of.
Video by Pawel Glowacki with more information and code reviews by Scott van der Linden

– Custom Attributes
– Parallel Programming / Threads
– Casting Interfaces

2) Peter Wright – Accessing DLLs from Delphi.

Hooking Delphi into external DLLs without getting your fingers burnt.

3) Frank’s Proposal For A Group Project

Brainstorming for a group project that the Perth branch can work on

2 Responses

  1. (1) The genealogy idea of Frank’s is a good one, I like it.
    Ok, how about something that could benefit the ADUG site itself ?
    The site sure needs a spuce up.

    (2) How about we use mySQL as a database ?
    Apparently it powers 40 percent of the world’s databases. John is thinking it might be good for all of us, to get some familiarity with it.

  2. Thanks for your input John. Good to see you back in Perth.

    A revamp of the web site is planned. We dont have a firm start date as it will be done by volunteers, but I expect it will be sometime in the next few months

    Nexus and SQLlite are the databases that were discussed at the meeting. We prefer a database that will work on all platforms but that is not essential. We can swap databases in and out as we are talking about them at the monthly meetings so if we cover MySQL at a meeting we can plug it into the application for that night

    Scott Hollows
    ADUG President and WA Chief Cat Herder