Tuesday 18th July 2017 at 6pm, first presentation 6:15pm

WHERE Artifactory  8/16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA 6017

FOOD  $1.50 pizza slice.  $1.50 drinks


Justin Dressler and Alister Christie from Learn Delphi TV presenting


Presentation 1) Justin Dressler – The Beast PC

Justin will show us his insanely powerful PC.
The Beast caused lights to dim in his street when he boots it up.
This PC monster has got some serious horsepower

Presentation 2) Justin Dressler – rapid application development plus The Beast PC

I will be demonstrating some of the design technique I use to rapidly build applications ready for end users. I will cover the following topics.

I have been developing software commercially for about 20 years and written in many languages. The main language I have used over the years is Delphi. But some other languages include C#, Java, Javascript, C, and assembly. During my time as a software developer I have worked on several large projects include the Perth Convention Centre on the AV automation and Digital Signage, New Perth Childrens Hospital on the Patient Entertainment system and on a Paging platforms used for unified communications in many hospitals including St John of God Murdoch and Subiaco, Joondalup Private and dozens more.

Over the years I have built application through there entire life cycle from design to completion. Other skills include CAD, Electronics and managing computer networks. My current focus is on building my skills as a DevOp by extending my knowledge of configuration management tools such as Puppet and Ansible and micro services using Docker.

The company I’m working with are looking at large scale solutions capable of consolidating the business requirements of companies such as BHP and Chevron. We are working on ways to automate managing of hybrid clouds with software defined networks and converge virtualised systems.

Presentation 3) Alister Christie from Learn Delphi TV
Meta-Programming: A BDE to FireDAC Migration Case Study.

Making significant changes to a large code base can be an soul destroying mind-numbing manual task, alternatively you can learn some Meta-Programming techniques, that is to say, treating code like data and manipulating it.  This talk by Alister Christie from LearnDelphi.tv will be a case study on a BDE to FireDAC migration looking at the techniques used to minimize the amount of manual work involved.

Things you didnt know about Alister
* He has created 100+ of free videos and 30+ hours of premium videos on Learn Delphi TV
* He has presented at most of the CodeRage events
* He has presented at the Australian ADUG Symposium
* He plays guitar, works out, practises martial arts and lives on a lifestyle farm block
* He listens to large numbers of audio books on speed playback