Tuesday 15th July at 6 for 6:15pm start.

We have a fully loaded schedule so please arrive on time for a snappy start.

Practical Introduction to Design Patterns – Peter Thönell

Patterns are simple architectural concepts that have been identified and
named. By thinking of patterns as building blocks, designing architectures
is much easier and describing them is much simpler.

For this presentation Peter has made a project that makes use of many
patterns, so that we can see how patterns are used, how they work and what
they do, and how thinking in terms of patterns yields (in Peter’s
experience) better projects.

Peter has worked in Australia, Sweden and Taiwan and worked with most versions of Delphi since Delphi 1. He enjoys solving hard problems and building strong architectures.

Deploying Apps to iOS – Sam Ritchie

Local iOS expert Sam Ritchie will walk through us through the convoluted
and sometimes bewildering process of submitting an app to the Apple iOS app
store (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

Certificates, provisioning profiles, ad hoc, development? There are
numerous pathways to running an app on the device and all have tradeoffs
and a different set of hoops to jump through.

The review process is sometimes viewed suspiciously by developers, but
serves an important purpose and is mostly aimed at preventing obvious
abuse. However, there are some key rules that all developers should be
aware of.

Sam has extensive experience building enterprise applications in .NET and
leading small, focused development teams. He’s also a huge Apple fan and
has been coding in Objective-C since before it was cool. He organises the
Perth iOS Developers meetup group, and has just started his own consulting
business in codesplice.com.au

Show and Tell

We will conclude the night with a Show and Tell, so BYO questions, ideas, code, things, squirrels.

Location: Perth Artifactory. Unit 8 / 16 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park

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