Our meeting starts with the ADUG AGM.  This will include the President’s report, the Treasurer’s report and voting for the next committee.

After this we will have some short presentations.

This is an online meeting using Zoom.  Connection details will be posted just before the meeting.


We are going to run a bit more on Virtual Treeview

It was quite a popular topic last month with lots of people using it and
being able to provide input. There seemed to be a quite bit more in it
that would be worth covering.

I (Roger Plant) spent quite some time fighting with it (and getting
bruised) after last months presentation.

Brian Watson
A 20 min slot on how the interface that can be returned from a VTV node saved our bacon.

Grahame Grieve
Has offered to do a 40-60 minute presentation on VTV.

John McDonald
Will provide a short follow up on last months presentation (Time Permitting).

The Zoom connection will open around 6:00pm and the AGM will start around 6:15pm.

The ADUG meeting following the AGM will start with a brief “Public Soap
Box” where attendees can ask questions, share discoveries or talk about