Technology Considerations for better Web Sites from Glenn Lawrence.


Something Different. Inspired by Joel’s ‘Guerilla Guide to Interviewing’, the meeting split into groups and attacked some bite sized problems. Problems, pics and solutions here.


Generating Objects from Existing Databases – Bryan Dayton

Bryan has approached the persistence layer from a different angle. His work involves existing databases and the challenge was to use OO techniques within this existing data structure.

Use of extensions to Inno Setup – Paul Spain Inno Setup is the installer of choice of many of our members. Paul looked at some of the more complex capabilities of the product and shared his knowledge


Roll your own Persistence Layer III – Roger Connell
Delphi as a product provides easy integration with various relational databases for storing your data but there are other alternatives.

In the early years when the now infamous BDE had to be distribute with all such database applications Roger chose not to use a standard database for one application which required a simple installation. Instead the application database was persisted as objects in a single file. This led to development of an “Object” database implementation.

Roger presented a case study of how the availability of such software assisted in the development of another OO project which required persistence. Code and Database DCUs here.


Roll your own persistence layer
Don Macrae and Natalie Vincent each reported on their implementations of a persistence layer


Does XML replace CSV? – Richard King
An inside look at the Nexus database (ex FlashFiler) – Geoff Harris


PasDoc – Steve Moller
Steve gives an overview of PasDoc’s capabilities and his experience using this on a large project for the CSIRO.

Nadia Natoka
A very entertaining presentation on her experience in providing and improving user help


Phil Sheppard and others: Another look at GUI design


Jim Duff: A quick introduction to Rave
Natalie Vincent and Jim Duff: database application architectures


Melbourne committee: Melbourne GUI fest – 6 short presentations on various aspects of GUI design and implementation.


Jim Duff: The VE part of RAVE. Jim will go into more depth at a future meeting.
Peter Gummer: C#: It looks like Java, but feels like Delphi. Peter’s notes are here.


Richard King: A quick look at rich text using TRichView
Natalie Vincent: Environment Changes migrating from Win 98 -> NT/2000 -> XP.