December Graeme Grieve: Porting Indy to .NET.

November Bryan Dayton: Tricks With TEdit
Committee members: Programming competition results followed by general discussion

The Competition Requirements and Results can be found here Sub String Searching – Competition Rules’ And Sub String Searching – Results’

October Don MacRae: A presentation on one way to do Properties dialogs followed by discussion and synthesis of all points of view

September Annual AGM followed by Peter Hinrichsen and Ian Krigsman: TechInsite Object Persistence Framework. Get more information and download the framework from the tiOPF site.

August Paul Spain: Lockbox
Phil Sheppard: TChart

July Don Macrae: One approach to Maintenance Dialogs. Food for thought and a future discussion.
Jarrod Hollingsworth C# Builder. Jarrod did an excellent walk through of the new Borland C# product covering topics from the new IDE (which we expect to see in Delphi 8) to aspects of the language itself. Jarrod explained what parts of the IDE were generic (ie Microsoft’s) and what parts were Borland’s.

June Roger Connell: Kernel, User and Elapsed times under NT/XP. This is leading to a new ADUG programming competition. Watch this space…
Richard King: Genetic Programming, a generation beyond Genetic Algorithms. This presentation briefly introduced GA and then moved on to Genetic Programming (GP). Richard demoed some home grown Delphi code that uses GP to find mathematical functions given a number of data points.

May Vince Parrett: The Guts on FinalBuilder. Well known guru and Canberra ADUG member Vince Parrett gave an impressive demo of his very capable Final Builder product.
Paul Spain: An overview of the TurboPower tools. Paul gave a brief run down of the 16 products (one with only 13 components and another with over 120 components, right Don?) that have recently been open sourced on SourceForge.

April Mark Brooks: JavaScript, the Language. Mark described the JavaScript language focussing on how to implement inheritance.
Natalie Vincent: Messaging in Delphi. Natalie gave a talk on the Windows message loop. This was a follow up to an earlier talk on the way Delphi handles windows messages.

March Richard King: Action Manager in Action! Richard gave a talk on the D6/7 Action Manager components, how they extend Action Lists (introduced in D5), and how they can make building menu bars and toolbars easier, if you avoid the buggy bits.
George Tasker: Exceptions in Threads. George described what happens when an exception is raised in a thread. Download George’s code.

February: Paul Spain: Transactioned Ini Files. Paul explored a lightweight mechanism for persisting data that supports transactions.
Glenn Lawrence: Back to basics – Components and Controls. Glenn represented his Delphi Magazine article on the basics of components and VCL controls.

January: Andy Bulka: OOP Principles. Andy led a discussion on OO programming principles.
Natalie Vincent: A Message in Bottle? Natalie discussed the basics of windows messages, including how to dispatch a message to a window, message loops and window procedures – and how Delphi hides this complexity from us.