December Grahame Grieve: Faxing with ASyncPro. Grahame shared the fruits of his labours in getting the fax component of this useful package from TurboPower working.
Paul Spain: A DUnit Expert. Paul presented an OpenTools API plug-in for Delphi 5-7 to assist with DUnit testing.

November Roger Connell: How does IP work with Delphi? Roger explained IP packets and Port 80, and how they interface with Delphi and also described issues with Blocking and Non Blocking Ports.
Mathias Burbach: How does Interbase rate as a SQL Server? Mathias compared the features of Interbase such as views, stored procedures, triggers, security etc, with alternatives such as Oracle.

October Phil Sheppard: Implementing Linear Programming. Phil’s tutorial provided an introduction to linear programming, a simple example using a third party API and a demonstration of a recent application.
Steve Hayes: Canoo WebTest. Steve gave a simple demonstration of how to use Canoo to test a web application. Canoo provides an XML-based wrapper for HttpUnit that lets programmers use the power of HttpUnit without requiring Java expertise.

September Annual General Meeting followed by
Paul Spain: Using Delphi IDE Macros. Paul provided a practical introduction to the under-used Delphi IDE keyboard macro facility.
Graham Pitson: The ADUG Events System. Graham described how he successfully implemented the Delphi/Kylix system used with good effect for the Autumn Symposium and the Agile methods workshop.

August Robert Williams: Active Modelling: from Mess to Success. Robert, from Almond Computing in the UK, told us about a simple technique for defining requirements.
Andrea Coffey: A few programming tips and tricks. That says it all.

July Don Macrae: Printing routine documents to the canvas.
Jim Duff: Product of the month: Help & Manual
Natalie Vincent: I The NonModal Modal Dialog!
Natalie Vincent: II File Lock Regions: Overlooked no longer

June Glenn Stephens: Beyond Events: Using The Command Pattern with Delphi. Glenn described how to implement multiple level undo in applications with particular reference to the Command Design Pattern.

May Roger Connell: The Pros and Cons of Object Databases. Roger discussed why he chose not to use a relational database for an application and how this has led to an “Object” database implementation.

April Graeme Chandler: A Backroom View of Ectoset.
Natalie Vincent: A Glimpse of RTTI

March Jim Duff: A User’s View of Inno Setup
Natalie Vincent: Named Pipes

February: Ian Krigsman: Coding at the Speed of Thought! – A quick look at CodeRush.
Paul Fraser: Developing Web Apps in Delphi with IntraWeb

January: Paul Spain: Yet another Singleton?
Natalie Vincent: Tray Icons simply
Robbert Weigmink: Intro to UML, Conclusion.